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Company information

DMG Consult was founded in 2008.

Since 2008 we attained proficiency in:

* Accounting services and tax consulting

* Business planning

* Management accounting, management and financial consulting

* Legal services and legal consulting

* Trainings, workshops, tutoring


Accounting services and tax consulting

* Bookkeeping (outsourcing);

* Financial reporting;

* Tax consulting;

* Submission of tax and statistical reports;

* Preparation for external audit;

* Express diagnostics of a company’s bookkeeping system;

* Diagnostics and restoration of the documentation and the bookkeeping system;

* Representation before the tax and statistical authorities;

* Development of the required methodologies (Accounting policy, Tax accounting policy, employee job descriptions, etc.).


Business planning

Our company can draft business plans for large, as well as small investment projects for the following purposes:

* Fundraising;

* Analyzing the attractiveness of the project for the project initiators;

* Providing the information to the financial institutions (banks, DAMU fund, etc.).


Management accounting, management and financial consulting

Our company provides services that will improve a company’s management system:

* Developing the system and the format of management reporting, which can be adapted for the various management levels and includes the implementation of:

o Consistent format of the reports;

o The frequency of the report delivery;

o Various performance indicators for efficiency analysis and control.


Legal services and legal consulting

Our company provides legal services mainly concerned with project accompaniment and personnel record keeping.


Trainings, workshops, tutoring

* Using MS Excel for analytical reporting;

* Basics of accounting and financial analysis (Financial management for employees without financial education background);

* Practical lessons on business planning;

* Practical lessons on bookkeeping (individual and group lessons)




Office 608, 181-B Kunayev STR.

050000 Republic of Kazakhstan Almaty,

Tel.: +7 (727) 266-46-93 Tel./Fax: +7 (727) 266-46-92 E-mail: dmg@dmg.kz Website: www.dmg.kz