Strategic analysis of the market

Strategic analysis of the market – it is a market analysis to make managerial decisions, such as:

It is necessary to make a strategic analysis of the market, if you are looking for answers on such questions as:

Strategic analysis begins with a clear statement of the problem. If initially too ambitious aim is set – “market research”, then the result will be the many pages’ report. However, that report will mostly represents the consultants’efforts, rather than its usefulness for finding answers on questions that are important for you.

After setting the aim, the consultants choose appropriate methods for data gathering (survey, desk study or in-depth interview). The choice of a method depends on the estimations of appropriateness of each method in a particular case, and the project’s budget.

Data, which is gathered by different methods, is processed and presented in a form of user-friendly tables and graphs. Research results are presented in form of conclusions and recommendations.

Our advantages:

Price: from 300 000 to 3 000 000 tenge