Consulting services since 2008

Business plans

  • Business plan,
  • Feasibility Study
  • Development Strategy
  • Project Information Memorandum for a bank, an investor, "Damu" Fund and  etc.
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing research in Georgia

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Accounting and taxation

  • Audit services
  • Accounting services (outsource accounting)
  • Restoration, audit and instant diagnosis of a company’s accounting
  • Tax audit
  • Internal audit
  • Suspension of operations or closure of LLP or IE
  • Tax and statistical reports preparation and delivery
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Management accounting services

We provide services  to improve Company’s management system:

  • Setting of accounting and budgeting;
  • Preparing summaries for stakeholders and top managers about financial period results
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Preparation of a share issue prospectus

The prospectus for the issue of shares contains information on the basis of which an investor can make a decision to purchase a share of the company.

Prospectus preparation services include:

  • consultation
  • valuation of a share
  • preparation of a share issue prospectus
  • fulfillment of the necessary procedures for registration of the issue of shares
Other services
  • Tax consulting;
  • Analysis of financial and operational activities;
  • Legal consulting services;
  • Development of a staff incentives system for small companies;
  • Business processes improvements for small companies.
Our advantages

Our advantages

Use individual and creative approaches for problem solving

DMG Consult has developed and implemented the unique Methodology of analysis (monitoring) for bank borrowers, that could be used, when the standard banks’ methodologies do not allow to make a management decisions, because of several reasons (for example: inadequate financial statement).

Practical focus

Our marketing reports are relatively “short” in number of pages, but they allow to answer practical questions. On our trainings you learn on real-world examples.

Additional benefits

Business plan is accompanied by an open financial model in EXCEL.

Free consultancy for a limited period

All trainings and education activities are provided together with a free consultancy for a limited period

Our clients save up to 50%

Our clients can take a reimbursement of expenses (up to 50%) as a part of a program of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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Expenses reimbursement is simple:
  1. Agree on the necessary amount of work
  2. Write the project documentation in EBRD form;
  3. EBRD experts approve the project’s documentation;
  4. Agree with EBRD about a reimbursement of expenses;
  5. After realization of the project, the company receives up to 50% compensation of the project’s cost from EBRD.

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