Education and seminars

DMG Consult’s approach for education

Trainings are conducted in small groups (up to five people). At seminars the teacher does not just stick to a study program, regardless of whether you understand the material or not, trying to keep within the allotted hours. We do not ask you to study a huge amount of hard-to-digest information. Our seminars begin from practice – we never ask you to memorize abstract hard-to-understand definitions. During a practice the teacher will answer your questions – in other words, give a necessary theoretical base.

 Bernard Shaw once noticed: “if you teach a man to do something, he will never learn it.”

Learning is an active process. We are learning by doing.

Even if you forget gained knowledge and skills,

the way, that you passed to learn them, you will never forget!

The methodology, that we use, assumes that general rules and patterns are illustrated by examples or other thought-provoking information. This method of teaching shows the most effective and lasting results.

All trainings and other learning activities include free consultations about course materials during a limited period.