Management accounting

We provide services, targeted on improving a Company’s management system:

  • Management and budgeting system development
  • Preparation of period results reports for shareholders and top managers 
  • Development of a methodology for separate accounting of revenues, expenses and assets involved.
  • Maintenance of the introduction of separate accounting
  • Methodology of analysis (monitoring) for bank borrowers
  • Management reporting for control and analysis of cash flow for company’s shareholders and financial directors
  • Methodological support for the automation of accounting, including the development of the Technical Task for Automation of Accounting for IT Professionals

Service description “Methodology of analysis (monitoring) for bank borrowers”

DMG Consult develops a unique Methodology of analysis (monitoring) for bank borrowers, that could be used, when the standard banks’ methodologies do not bring to a managerial decision for several reasons (for example: an inappropriate financial statement).

The Methodology allows to identify the key indicators, that are sufficient for a bank to make a decision:

  • Project’s costs to compare with the amount of the loan
  • Amount of funds that are spent on non-target usage of a company’s (group of companies’) budget (withdrawal of money from a company, money sharing between founders and etc.)
  • Real cash flow, that are generated by a company (a group of companies)
  • Real list of “friendly” or affiliated companies. 
  • Real accounts receivable and accounts payable (because a part of accounts receivable and accounts payable could be a temporary financial aid)

Managerial statement, that is prepared according to the Methodology, could be useful for shareholders and financial directors for cash flaw verification and analysis. It also answers the question: “Where is the money?”

If you need some special services, we will be happy to discuss them with you individually.

Our company participates in the program for small enterprises support by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). That program provides to our customers a partial reimbursement of expenses.

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