Accounting and taxation

Service Price Business proposal
Financial statement audit 500 000 tenge and higher  
Legal outsource services 80 000 tenge and higher    Download BP
Accounting services (outsourcing).

Our advantages are specialization on the restoration of an accounting system; no more than 3-4 companies for outsource, which allow us to keep high quality of services
50 000 to 500 000 tenge per month    Download BP
Conduction of complex tax audit  500 000 tenge and higher  
Instant diagnosis of a company accounting.

By its results the Director in 4-5 days takes information about current condition and level of credence of a company’s accounting service
100 000 to 700 000 tenge  
Development of accounting policy 50 000 tenge and higher  
Development of tax accounting policy 70 000 tenge and higher  
Development of the required methodologies (rules, regulations, employee job descriptions, etc.) 50 000 tenge and higher  
Audit and restoration of the documentation and the accounting system 200 000 to 1 800 000 tenge  
Internal audit, in-deep analysis of current conditions of the company’s accounting service, development practical recommendations and preparing report for Director 200 000 to 1 800 000 tenge  
Preparation of a company to an external audit in purpose of comply with remarks effectively and achieving positive conclusion 500 000 tenge and higher  
Preparation and delivery of tax and statistical reports 100 000 tenge and higher for tax reports

40 000 tenge and higher for statistical reports
Suspension of operations or closure of LLP or IE 50 000 tenge and higher  
Comparative check between tax reports (tax liabilities) and data from taxpayer's personal accounts 40 000 tenge and higher  
Consulting of Corporate income tax declaration filling in (as well as other declarations) 70 000 tenge and higher  
Professional testing of accountants and chief accountants 15 000 tenge and higher  
Professional advising in accounting 7 000 tenge and higher  
Representation before the tax and statistical authorities  Negotiable  

* Price for services are vary for a project and (or) a company specifics